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OCW manages the water supply of the city from Source to Tap for more than 1, 89,000 consumers within the city of Nagpur through a network for 50+ water supply reservoirs and 2000+ km in pipeline. It manages the Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s Water Treatment Plants at Gorewada and Kanhan, all the Elevated Service Reservoirs, Ground Service Reservoirs, Master Balancing Reservoirs commonly known as Water Tanks. Their mission is to upgrade the water distribution network through rehabilitation of the existing network and laying new network.

Project type: Website Design & Development

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Creating a customer friendly website in dual language with easy information updating facility at hand.


Taking the first step forward it was prerogative for OCW to be able to make changes and updates on their own, hence we had to make a website based on CMS technology that would enable them to push in timely updates. Also, in the beginning OCW was not equipped with stipulated information on a lot of procedures, which was mandatory to be decided before they went online, Team Attrait, went all out to support them in this journey
of process creation.

  • Content team worked indigenously to create dual content for same process- in English & in Marathi
  • Special efforts were taken for the content part so as to maintain transparency with the customers.
  • Incorporating details such as locating the nearest point, nearest collection centers, Water tariffs etc were explained
  • Created an interface for online bill payment and feedback tab are an added advantage to the website.
  • Added a regular press release and blogs section to brief about latest updates & news about OCW
Orange city water supply


We were successful in creating a user friendly, as well as client requirement compliant website for OCW, which not only incorporated ease to update information on the site, but at the same time, helped the company hold in the confidence of its customers by streamlining its processes through an online business & user interface model. Team Attrait has modified the way Orange City Water does things:

  • Detailed location monitoring through Google Maps
  • Ease of online bill payment & customer feedback generation
  • All content displayed in dual language format- easy access for Marathi customers Details like: how to read your meter; nearest collection center; and service centers added to popularity of the website
  • Visitor counter displayed on website, showcases phenomenal reach and speaks volumes about sites popularity
  • Transparency and data quality significantly improved