Jayaswal Neco Industries Limited (JNIL) is the flagship company of the 3500 Crore NECO Group of Industries. Starting with a humble background, the company over the past four decades has scaled to international repute, and if functional from multiple countries and hosts a broad dimensional business verticals.

Project type: Website Design & Development

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To build a website, that brings into elements the scale and grandeur of a multinational company that NECO India stands to be- covering a wide range of products, services, philanthropic initiatives and bring forth their global corporate perspective.


Even through the task was simple- just making a website! The uphill task was to collate all the company information, incorporate all the business verticals, and make a website that brings to page the entire legal entity that NECO group stands to be.

  • We first began with a skeletal structure of the website- brainstorming on the look and the site map. Bringing in all departments and working groups that need to fit it.
  • Next we worked on the content of the website- making all information gathered from the group palatable for the web, and simultaneously we worked on the design and templates as well.
  • The final stage was test runs, and checking for any functional errors, if any, and mending them on the way.
Attrait Solutions - Neco India


NECO group, beyond being a hardcore manufacturing industry, and one of the largest casters, is also equally known for its philanthropic initiatives and a propagator of ‘Green living’. With three generations, active in the business sphere, the website successfully captures ever emotion of this humane company.

  • We worked to create an entire web design without using any existing templates- with all programming and coding being done in-house by Team Attrait.
  • The entire hosting and web infra is being handled our team, creating a holistic platform, and thus enabling dynamic design on the home page
  • All content has been covered and highly appreciated by the client- we also regularly update and upgrade information on the website, including latest achievements, news, features and client listings