Affiliate Marketing

Preparing you for Ecommerce –

  1. Do you wonder what eCommerce is?
  2. What potential does online retailing hold in near and distant future?
  3. Do you wish to take your business online but don’t know how to do it?
  4. You want to go online but are unaware of the challenges of online business.
  5. You have a business but don’t know how to organise people for e commerce.

We prepare you and your organization to go from offline to online.  Show the whole picture of e commerce. Introduce you to the various processes of websites. Make you understand and sensitize you about the challenges and problems of selling online. We help you organize your business and people for e commerce.

ecommerce-affiliate marketing
ecommerce-affiliate marketing

Introducing you to Ecommerce -

  1. Do you know what Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal is?
  2. Do you know the different types of market places?
  3. Do you know the mandatory procedures and paper work requirements?
  4. Do you understand the how do these market place function?

We introduce you to the world of e commerce and the way it function. We show you how to go live on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. What are the mandatory requirements and how do these websites function. What do you need to sell your products online. We also help you develop and promote your own Brand through your own website and social media.

Going Online-

  1. You have all the documents and required information now what do you do?
  2. What do you need to do to make your products live on website (aka listing)?
  3. How to list products to make them look attractive?
  4. What are the different listing and image guidelines and how are they enforced?
  5. How to price products for online sale?
ecommerce-affiliate marketing

We make you aware of different guidelines for listing your products, such as content guidelines, image guidelines, keyword analysis etc. We also help you in writing content to describe your products better and bring them better in product searches. We help you in pricing your products with the help of in depth competitive analysis of similar range of products so that you maximise your profits and not just revenue.

Managing Operations -

  1. You are selling online but unable to understand business.
  2. Packing and dispatching orders has become a hassle.
  3. Getting too many returns and unable to satisfy customers.
  4. Is shipping products and understanding compliances getting difficult day by day?
  5. Is accounting becoming a nightmare and you are losing money?

We consult and train you to manage all the activities for this business. We consult on optimizing packing and improve your shipment process. We help you improve customer experience and Maintain reputation on different market places. We also help you in understanding your remittances (accounts) and tell you where you can cut costs.

ecommerce-affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing

Branding and Promotions –

  1. Have your sales stagnated and you have no clue how to grow them?
  2. There are so many brands selling online how to differentiate from them?
  3. How do you increase visibility of your products?
  4. There are so many offers, how to opt in and which one to opt for?
  5. How to promote products at bare minimum cost on marketplaces and social media?

We provide you with competitive analysis and competitive pricing. We help in branding activities through social media so that you stand out of the crowd. We help you target customers and position your products and brands. We also help you in running promotional campaigns and deals for your products. We consult you on new products the market is looking for and feasibility of such ventures.

Most of the Ecommerce portals look for marketing and Branding activities. We provide end to end Digital marketing activities by understanding your –

  1. Competition
  2. Pricing strategy
  3. Brand Positioning
  4. Consumer Base
affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

We provide Campaign designing and execution services on all platforms as follows –

  1. Marketplace specific campaign
  2. Banner Advertisements
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Search Engine Marketing
  6. SMS marketing
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